Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Garage Sales

Sorry it's been so long, keeping up with this blog is going to be harder than I thought! Anywho... last weekend we went to our neighborhood's annual collaborative garage sale. We went with a neighbor and her 7 month old and another friend and her 9 month old. We had a great time, did a little shopping, but mostly walked and talked, trading stories and experiences about our kids. It was really great to have other new moms with babies Lukas' age to talk with, makes you feel like you aren't alone and what you have been struggling with others have also.

As far as the shopping I did nab a couple of great deals. Turns out there is a sunglass designer living among us here and he was selling some samples he had and I landed an awesome pair for only 20 bucks! Can't beat that! Then I found some great children books for Lukas, some classics like the Peter Rabbit stories and Curious George, for only a quarter each! We eventually made our way to the park in the neighborhood to take care of some baby maintenance and to rest, we have a lot of hills in this area. So while we were there I put Lukas in the swings and he had a blast...

It is getting pretty chilly in these parts, so I've decided I better knit up some hats and mittens for the little one ASAP. Hats I've learned are pretty standard and so I'm not using a pattern, just kinda winging it, let's keep our fingers crossed! But as soon as I get a couple finished I'll post some pics and maybe even [gasp!] a pattern.

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  1. That's great Miranda, I'm glad you have company, it will be good for Lukas to have some friends too, Hopefully they will still be around for awhile.
    Looks like he was having on the swings!!
    Love, Mom