Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Again

Well the trip to Italy has come and gone. The flights were as you imagine they would be with a little one. The visit was frustrating and boring. Let's just leave it at that shall we? We did get to visit Venice for a day and that was spectacular! I have tons of pictures from that day, but will only bore you with a few...

So since then the little one turned a year old. We just kept the event small, but I think he still had a great day. I just haven't had much energy lately and didn't feel like dealing with a full blown party, especially one that he'd never remember. So a small party it was but it was big on presents and cake, and hey, those are what really matter, right?

As far as crafts, I have been doing some knitting lately. I'm making a one skein shrug for a friend who I've been feeling guilty about not having a Bday gift for. And then to prevent said guilt, I am crocheting a beret for my SIL's upcoming birthday at the end of the month. I've also been wanting badly to make an afghan for our bed. Crochet of course, knitting an afghan would take the rest of my life! So I've been obsessed with afghan patterns but I think I've decided on a very simple, quick one since this will be my first.  Let's just hope that the color scheme will go as planned! All right, off to do some more knitting!

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