Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dude, A YEAR!

Seriously??!! A year??!! Well, as you may have guessed, a ton of stuff has happened. Probably the most noticeable would be that the blog has gotten a spiffy new update, I mean it is spiffy dontcha think?
We also moved from a condo to a house, can you say Hallelujah?? (Actually, I can't even spell it, thank you spellcheck.) Our house is huge, to us, and most importantly has a huge yard, yeah! We are very, very happy here. Yes, two verys, that's how happy.  Um, let's see, the little one has turned two, actually he's about two and a half now and we've started down the messy, frustrating road of potty training. Enough about that but here is an updated pic of the little bugger:

So, here are some garden pics from our new garden so far...

I also have some crafty updates too, but I'll save those for tomorrow. Today we are going to the Audubon Society to see some birds! I'll bring my camera and post some pics...

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